The Atepa Group Russia (AGR) is the sister company of the Groupe ATEPA, Dakar, Senegal The company was established 33 years ago by Pierre Goudiaby Atepa who now is  referred to, by major international publications, as 'the architect' of West-Africa.
Since its establishment company's capabilities expanded beyond its architectural boundaries  developing into more areas of growing African economy, such as Energy, Mining, Industry,  Agro-Business, Technology and Finance.


A positive vision of Africa. Africa is certainly the most beautiful and amazing continent.
From the north to south, Africa offers an incredible range of landscape, desert, forest, montains, lakes and rivers, islands and the most beautiful beaches.
A lot of projects start in all Africa, our website is here to promote them and give to investors and developers the right network to operate.


Petro Gaz Africa (PGA) is a company having joint ventures and participation of various associates from the field of petroleum and petrochemical related companies in india and abroad. PGA is engaged in arranging experts and expertise for :
Exploration, Drilling, Production of Oil/Gas, Petroleum refining, Petrochemical processing, Marketing and distribution, HRD and training services, Crude & allied products, Fire safety, Setting up of petroleum & Gas down stream industries.